The North Coast Primary Health Network (Healthy North Coast Pty Ltd) has commissioned Peta to provide specialist mental health services (psychological treatment and clinical coordination) to people residing in the Northern Rivers Primary Health network who have a diagnosed eating disorder. This means that the costs are subsidised through the PHN rather than through Medicare. Depending on the person’s financial situation, there is a small gap fee (see below). In order to receive subsidised services through the PHN, you need to agree to your demographic details being included in the PHN ‘redicase’ system and that the PHN can use your de-identified data to report to government. Please note that this is minimal information – the details that are included in the system do not include consultation notes.  If you do not agree to having your demographic details included in the PHN system, you can attend as a private fee paying patient (see cost below). The private fee is not rebatable through Medicare or through your Private Insurance company.

2019-2020 costs are as follows:

Health Care Card, significant financial disadvantage

(GP to note on the care plan)

No charge to client
Person working part time or parent working part time (for children/teens) $40 first session
$20 per session thereafter
Person working full time or parents working full time (for children/teens) $60 first session
$30 per session thereafter
Home visits, additional cost $100 extra per session
Private sessions $160 for first session
$120 per session thereafter